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October 2019

Looks like we have got through the worst of winter! We're happy to say that the dams we had emptied in February are now full, and so are our house tanks, which makes heading into summer feel much more relaxed!  In our last newsletter we let you know about upcoming on-farm events and the Gindian dinner in June. Gindian was quite amazing – the weather was horrific, but the food & drinks & live music compensated magnificently.  The Asado planned for October 2019 has been cancelled (it’s to do with ankles – explained below). We will re-schedule it for October 2020 – be reassured our big beefy farm feasts will continue! There’s nothing like planning ahead, right? The big news is about Allen’s ankles, which will be changing the face of Warialda for a short time. As most of you are aware he has been gradually losing mobility due to worn-out ankles, some genetic deficiencies and of course, being on them all the time. It has now got to a level of pain that requires intervention to help permanently reduce that pain and to re-invigorate his mobility. He is booked on November 18th for major ankle/foot surgery. His recovery will possibly take 3-4 months and goes roughly like this: 2-3 weeks of no weight bearing and leg up, 6-8 weeks in plaster, then some time in a moon boot depending on how it all goes.  Clearly this is going to have a real impact on our business, but we have come up with a plan of action that will keep you all in beefy bits and us in a job! There will be some disruption to the monthly schedule of markets and below there is a list of where and when we will be attending markets. With Christmas looming, we are asking that you get any orders in ASAP so we can plan ahead and process accordingly.

Last market for 2019 Our last market for 2019 (in Melbourne) will be at the Collingwood Children’s Farm on the 14th December, so all Melbourne Christmas orders will need to be picked up there. Some cuts for Christmas will be within their best before date on the packet – and because the vacuum packs are so thick they do freeze very well and defrost perfectly in the fridge. We will not be doing another market in Melbourne until February so get planning and organising - and be grateful that our beef freezes beautifully! Bulk boxes Don’t forget that we can do 6kg or 13kg bulk boxes (email me and I can send you the details) which will help you get through those 7-8 weeks.  Market Schedule October & November (normal routine) October 5         VegOut St Kilda October 6         Castlemaine October 9         Collingwood & Bendigo October 16       Riddells Creek October 26       Lancefield, Abbotsford Convent & SlowFood November 2          VegOut St Kilda November 3          Castlemaine November 9          Collingwood & Bendigo November 16        Riddells Creek November 23        Lancefield, Abbotsford Convent & SlowFood December 1           Castlemaine December 7          VegOut St Kilda December 14        Collingwood Children’s Farm December 14         Bendigo December 21         Lancefield Call or email us if you want to place orders to pick up at these markets. Email   -  Phone enquires to Lizette on 0438 871 560


The power of fire and smoke warmed the brave souls who came out in the winter weather for Gindian - a feast of gin, Indian food and beautiful beef on the farm.

Welcoming 2020 Our first market back in 2020 will be VegOut St Kilda on the 1st February. Depending on how Allen’s rehabilitation is going we intend to do one market each week for a month or so. I will send out another newsletter towards the end of January though to confirm and update you all on these plans. Christmas Orders We have the capacity to up our production from now through to mid December but to know how much more we need to process we need to have your orders in as soon as possible.  Email is the best way to send in your order or query, and will make it easier for us to keep track of everything. All of our meat can be frozen and freezes really well due to the good thick vacuum pack bags we use, so you can simply defrost in the fridge over a few days and you will barely notice the difference.  If you would like a price/product list sent to you just let me know and we can email you one, or our list of mixed boxes of either 6kg or 13kgs. Smallgoods, mince and sausages are not included in these mixed boxes but you can add them on.  Email to Phone enquiries to Lizette on 0438 871 560 Dry Aging We are VERY happy to let you know about a new dry ageing cabinet that we have purchased (with the help of the Artisanal Sector Program Grant) which means we will have some 6 week aged primal cuts available in time for your Christmas or summer celebrations.  These special cuts will be in very limited quantities, so order as soon as you can and we will put your name on a lump of beefy grass fed beef! Pick up at a market or talk to me about delivery. As you can see, there is a lot going on and we hope it helps you to have an enjoyable summer knowing you will have what you want in your freezers. Any queries, please talk to us at a market or email me. With thanks for your support and understanding. Lizette & Allen

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