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Tips for cooking our Beef

Here's some basic guidelines for cooking our beef

Cast your eye over our tips below for at-a-glance cooking guidelines.

If you're looking for cooking inspiration, head over to our Pinterest boards where we have gathered a selection of helpful links to information, tasty photos and recipes for you:

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Cooking & Carving

Warialda’s top 5 tips for STORAGE

1. Always store meat below 4°C in a refrigerator.

2. Always store large pieces of meat fat side UP in the fridge to prevent the fat soaking up juices.

3. Ensure vacuum sealed bags stay in tact. If they ‘pop’, the meat may have a shelf life up to 7 days. Be aware some cuts expire quicker than others.

4. Always defrost meat in the fridge completely before cooking.

5. Freeze on or before the best before date. Depending on the cut of beef, it can be frozen up to 6 months.

Meat cooking guide

Internal meat temperature


    Rare              Medium                 Well done

45 to 50°C        55 to 60°C               60 to 70°C


Rib eye/Scotch fillet


RARE               - 15-20 min

MEDIUM          - 20-25 min

WELL DONE    - 25-30 min

Rump, Sirloin, Fillet, Topside


RARE               - 15-20 min

MEDIUM          - 20-25 min

WELL DONE.   - 25-30 min


Silverside, Blade, Round


RARE               - 20-25 min

MEDIUM          - 25-30 min

WELL DONE    - 30-35 min

Warialda’s top 5 tips for cooking steak

1. Select a suitable cut for your desired outcome. Eg. For a ‘medium’ steak, eye fillet is a better choice than rump.

2. For best results use the BBQ or a heavy-based pan.

3. Oil and season the steak NOT the pan to avoid burning the oil and the outside of the meat.

4. Only turn the steak ONCE throughout cooking to retain the natural juices.

5. WBG rib-eye’s are best seared in the pan or on the BBQ, on both sides then finished in the oven.

6. Rest steaks under foil and a tea towel for 5 - 10 minutes to allow the juices of the meat to settle before serving or slicing. This ensures a more tender piece of beef.

Warialda’s top 5 tips for cooking a roast

1. Select a suitable cut of beef for your desired outcome. Eg. For ‘medium’ meat, a topside is a better choice than a girello. Allow the meat to come to room temperature before cooking - this can take a few hours depending on the size.

2. Cook roasts on a rack in a roasting dish. You will also get better gravy this way. Always start with salt, pepper & olive oil rubbed over the whole piece.

3. Rest roasts for 20-30 minutes (depending on size) before carving.

4. Carve or cut the roast across the grain at a consistent angle for each slice. Carving across the grain will help the juices remain in the roast, resulting in a more tender cut.

5. Try to retain as much fat as possible on the beef before cooking and remove it afterwards, if desired. This will protect the beef from drying out whilst being roasted.

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