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Our Beef

At Warialda our cattle are grazed entirely on grass for the duration of their lives. This gives our meat exceptional flavour, colour and texture when it reaches your plate. Plus, the cows live a happy life out in the open, as a herd.

The combination of rich flavour, strong intra-muscular marbling and dry aging is what makes our beef unique and delicious.

Thirty years of experience in breeding top quality Belted Galloway stud cattle has led to a genetic predisposition in our herd to produce marbling in the beef and consistency in the carcasses.

warialda belted galloways in paddock

The carcass is hung in quarters for a minimum of three weeks in a chilled environment before it is broken down into muscle groups. This dry-aging process encourages natural enzymes to break down connective tissues in the muscles, creating tenderness in the meat as a result. This method of aging is proven to generate more appealing and concentrated flavours through the evaporation of moisture during the process.

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